Breathe| 31 Moments with God


The struggle is real. Like a fish swimming against the stream. I’m not talking motherhood here, because we all know motherhood can be (or should we just be honest and say “is”) a struggle, but I’m talking about our daily time alone with God. It’s something I battle with on a regular basis. Among the other daily to-do’s, never-ending house chores, running a business, and not to mention raising two small children, it can be difficult to find ten minutes alone to myself to just sit and read God’s word. There are days when I feel discouraged, so far from the Lord, so lost, and so overwhelmed with heavy burdens I am not meant to bare alone. Anyone else with me?

I long for days where I can sit for hours diving into scripture and learning the many life lessons Jesus preached during His time here on earth. But that’s just not reality with running a small business while being a stay at home mom. It took me a long time to realize I didn’t have to necessarily sit for hours upon end for me to walk closely with our Heavenly Father. Twenty minutes really focusing on His message would have to be enough most days. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Breathe: 31 Moments with God (For Moms) devotional that I not only could relate to, sometimes in a very scary way, but could also fit within my busy schedule.

In Day One of the devotional, Jaimie Bowman started with Luke 8:22-25, where the disciples were in the midst of a horrible storm, trapped on a boat, and thinking they were going to drown. After they woke up Jesus with panic in their eyes and in their hearts, Jesus simply calmed the storm and asked “where is your faith?” He was right there all along with them and they still were frightened and worried. Do you ever feel like you’re in the middle of a really bad storm? Possibly drowning from the weight of everything on your shoulders? Alone through it all? Today was one of those days for me and after tears of frustration cleared, I turned my eyes upon the only One who can give me strength.

We all have days where we are overwhelmed and left exhausted, but we are not alone. He is with us.

When you have mountains of laundry, dirty dishes piled in the sink, and a toddler throwing his toys around everywhere. He is with you.

When you have unanswered emails, open tasks that are way behind your deadline. He is with you.

When your infant wants nothing but to be held by you while standing. He is with you.

We are not alone. He is always with us. We just have to call His name and give it all up to Him.

I pray that you and I never forget our Heavenly Father is there to calm our storms and bring peace to our souls. Have faith in Him even when you feel alone.

Photo by Ever & Anon Photography | Scanned by PhotoVision


One thought on “Breathe| 31 Moments with God

  1. I love how your faith has grown over time and what a great example you are Jessica. I have never read a devotional but long to start one. I have 2 from Kristin Schumaker that are untouched. I think it’s time.


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